Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

  • Members are required to render the service on the basis of professional ethics subject to professional ethics & dignity by maintaining proper and realistic corporal conditions.
  • To give accurate information on foreign educational institutes (universities and colleges) suitable to the students by learning their requirements accurately.
  • Not to concentrate consultancy on the matters not understood by the member itself or on the matters where the member itself is not authorized and to render consultancy only based on truth and facts.
  • To give proper advice which would assist the student in the selection of appropriate educational institute in terms of educational level and economic capacity of the student desiring to follow study.
  • To accomplish the acts only based on the written agreement concluded with the concerned student or guardian setting out all the matters including the service charge and it shall not be permissible to perform other acts beyond the written agreement.
  • It shall not be allowed at present to collect service charge more than Rs. 25000 and it is required to justify the amount to be collected.
  • It is required to make the service charge fully transparent and to issue receipt against the service charge.
  • Member agreed not to be allowed to collect charge or other charges on the basis of condition nor shall additional charge be allowed to collect on the basis of success.
  • Member agreed not to be allowed to involve in preparing false and fictitious documents nor shall it be allowed to render assistance or advice to that effect.
  • The member agreed not to be allowed to take responsibility for or to make the false arrangement of, TOEFL, IELTS, and other test preparation matters nor advertise with free test preparation or NRS 2000 or like that.
  • The member agreed not to be allowed to mislead, amaze and influence unlawfully.
  • The member agreed not to be allowed to render consultancy services or advertise on paper by giving a visa guarantee, admission guarantee, job guarantee, or I-20 guarantee.
  • The member agreed not to be allowed to incorrectly use the consultancy profession as a means of income generation.
  • The member agreed not to be allowed to appoint or engage in the activities of the organization a person involved in financial dishonesty and malicious activities.
  • Member understands always required to observe the instruction of the Association, give information to the Association on matters of professional right and interest, and take advice from the Association with regard to the problems as ascended from time to time.
  • Members must not be allowed to advertise in a manner to mislead or surprise others.
  • Member must not give affected and irrelevant matters while making advertisement on education nor shall it be allowed to advertise such matters.
  • Member must not advertise giving visa guarantee, I-20 guarantee, job guarantee or admission guarantee and free scholarship nor shall it be allowed to advertise any matter of guarantee.
  • Member must not collect charge at any presence upon making advertisement stating free of charge and it is required to indicate a certain amount in the advertisement if any kind of charge is to be collected therefrom.
  • The members must follow and comply with the Ministry of education government of Nepal's Directives related to language teaching and educational counseling amended Directive 2073.
  • The members must forcibly observe the following codes of conduct while providing service by carrying out the educational consultancy profession.

Codes of Conduct relating to advertisement:

  • The members must compulsorily follow the codes of conduct concerning advertisement:


In order to become a member of FECON, please download the member form from the FECON website, fill up the form, and send it to info@fecon.org.np  along with the following documents:

  1. Company Registration Certificate
  2. Tax registration certificate/PAN
  3. Institution representation certificates (At least 2 from any country).
  4. Citizenship copy of the owner.
  5. MOE approval letter If any
  6. Reference from at least a member from FECON.