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The objectives of this Organization shall be as follows:-

    The objectives of this Organization shall be as follows:-

    1. To defend the rights and interests of all educational consultancies throughout the country.
    2. To carry out the programs in collaboration with the concerned education authorities such as forming new educational policies, developing professionalism and giving training about educational counseling and other related matters.
    3. To provide information through various programs to avoid false information of the respective universities and colleges the students have chosen to study abroad.
    4. To protect against any ill-acts of consultancies such as cheating or misleading parents/students by working with the concerned authorities
    5. To implement the code of conduct on educational consultancies regarding the conduct of business and advertisement.
    6. To establish a strong relationship with the Nepal government, Ministry of Education, embassies and other concerned authorities.
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About FECON Nepal

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FECON stands for Free Educational Consultancies’ Organization Nepal. It is the non-political, non-profit making professional Umbrella Organization of Education Consulting companies of Nepal. It was established under the Intuition organization Act 2034 in District administrative office Kathmandu Ministry of Home Affair Government of Nepal in the year 2065/09/27(2008) With the objectives of providing proper information and guidance to students and parents interested in sending their children for abroad studies,

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President Message

I extend my heartfelt greetings as the President of the Free Educational Consultancies’ Organization Nepal (FECON). Our association, comprising more than 300 education consultancies, stands committed to a noble cause: to enhance the quality of education consultancy while fostering collaboration with the Nepal Government and Ministry of Education. Together, we strive to ensure the welfare of our valued members and uphold the integrity of our industry. Through ethical practices and dedicated efforts, we guide students toward meaningful educational paths, equipping them for success. I invite you all to join us in this transformative journey, where education illuminates minds, ignites possibilities, and contributes to a prosperous future for Nepal.

Warm regards,

Raju Niroula
President, FECON