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Membership cancellation

To cancel membership of the member who violates the Statute and the Codes of Conduct from time to time and to publish public notice to that effect.
To suspend for a specified period, and cancel, the membership of the member who dishonored the Statute and the Codes of Conduct.
To warn, suspend or cancel the membership of, the member who does not follow the professional ethics and dignity taking into account with the circumstance.
Complaint may be filed:
If any member has carried out any act inconsistent with the Statute of the Association, Codes of Conduct or professional ethics and dignity, the concerned party so suffered may file complaint with the Association, accompanied by all the evidences thereof.

The Executive Committee may take action from admonition to cancellation of membership against the member disobeying the orders and instructions.
Membership of member who violates the orders and instructions from time to time shall be cancelled.
Complaint may be denied:
The complaint other than those filed by the diplomatic mission and government authority may be denied unless the following conditions are met.

Complaint filed by other person without the reasonable ground that the victim is unable to appear in person.
Complaint not based on ground, reason and evidence.
Complaint failed to show that the Statute, Codes of Conduct or professional ethics and dignity are violated for any clear-cut reason.
Complaint filed with delay beyond reasonable ground.
Irrational complaint and complaint filed with ill-intention.
Complaint filed using ambiguous and offensive language.


Action on complaint: The Executive Committee shall take the following action on complaint.
Action against the member disobeying the orders and instructions of the Association:
Justification of action:
The Executive Committee must give a sensible opportunity for defense while taking action and it must fully mention the justification and grounds of the action. The General Assembly may hear the Complaint against the action of the Executive Committee.