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Membership Criteria

The eligibility of the consultancy will be judged by the existing executive board members and the membership confirmation will be decided by the FECON members and executive board members. In order to be an eligible member of FECON an educational consultancy should meet the following criteria.

Must be actively involved in the consultancy field for a year or more.

Must be a recognized and ethical educational consultant in Nepal that has a good image in the industry.

Must not be involved in any criminal and dishonest activities.

Must not be engaged in giving out misleading and unethical advertisements.

Must get a reference from one existing member.

How to become a member:

Becoming a FECON members means adding value to your business.

FECON conducts yearly evaluations of its members and they must renew their memberships annually by fulfilling the membership criteria.

In order to become a member of FECON, please download the member form from the FECON website, fill up the form and send it to info@fecon.org.np  along with the following documents:

  1. Company Registration Certificate
  2. Tax registration certificate/PAN
  3. Institution representation certificates (At least 2 from any country).
  4. Citizenship copy of the owner.
  5. MOE approval letter If any
  6. Reference from  at least a member from FECON.